Even if Not, He is Still Good: Lessons from Habakkuk

This article was written for Deeply Rooted Magazine and published at the link below. https://www.deeplyrootedmag.com/blogs/blog/even-if-not-he-is-still-good-lessons-from-habakkuk?fbclid=IwAR1vg2c8dQyvH42ZWzmHFTv-CGO5j5lzTjhoPb-N87mk2mhZbeV7EVAUD8U We all go through seasons of victories and valleys. Often our victories are the easiest times to worship God, when his goodness is evident and his blessings abound. However, the valleys are where it proves harder to do that. We… Continue reading Even if Not, He is Still Good: Lessons from Habakkuk

Remembering Hope

Forgetting Show & Tell I tend to be forgetful. Even with my many lists and calendars, I still have those days. Do you know which days I am talking about? The "mom you forgot show and tell again days." It happens. My lists don't help when I forget to write something down on them. Sometimes,… Continue reading Remembering Hope